Amazing Members – Rachael’s Story

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Amazing Members – Rachael’s Story

I wholeheartedly believe in Fitness’s ability to build all-round fitness and strength, but most importantly for me, community.

I started Fitness 3 years ago, knowing I didn’t have time but equally, knowing I had to make the time. In the past I had been fitter than I was at the time, but three additional children and a change in lifestyle led to lack of motivation and weight gain.

On several occasions I tried going to regular gyms but always found them boring and repetitive. I never had coaches approach me to correct technique or to push me harder. Furthermore, most other members were tuned out with their earphones in.

At age 42, my mum suffered a heart attack. Likewise, her own mother and brother both had heart attacks of their own at  young ages.

So, here I was, already older than my mother had been when she had her heart attack, trying to fit everything in, and saying to myself “I’ll get healthy when I’ve finished studying”. Followed by “that might be too late”. With that I went and joined Grovedale, at first forcing myself to attend, but soon realising this is the place for me.

I loved how there was no judgement, everyone was at different levels and working to the best of their abilities, and they were so friendly and welcoming.

Now I get cranky if I can’t get my workout in! I love the community, the different workouts each day and wondering how I’ll go with each one. I love the constant push to give it everything I’ve got, along with the encouragement and satisfaction that comes following a great effort.

A self-confessed social exerciser, I’ve always gravitated to and enjoyed communities like Fitness and the Hash House Harriers. It’s the people that keep me coming back.

I could never have imagined that I’d be any good at lifting weights, yet it’s my favourite thing to do! And whilst I still feel like I have some weight to lose (that’s down to my diet; still working on that!) I definitely feel fit and strong, and my children are inspired by that too.

– Rachael Watts,

Grovedale amazing member

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