Recapping Our First Annual Awards Night

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Recapping Our First Annual Awards Night

We at Fitness Grovedale are proud of many things but nothing more than our community of friends.

The recent awards night held at the gym was a celebration of exactly that. A celebration of great people making lifelong friends. It was the opportunity to see each other outside of the workout environment and socialise on a different level.

We shared some drinks, shared some laughs and shared some awards. In this blog article we’ll recap the award winners from the inaugural event.

I wholeheartedly believe that each and every member of the gym is, in their own right, a deserving recipient of recognition. However there were some stand out individuals in 2019 who, voted for by their very peers, took home the silverware in a selection of categories.

So to recap the awards from the eventful night…

The Most Consistent Award

The most consistent award recognises the member that trained with the most frequency for the year. A minimum of 75 classes is required to qualify for the award. From there, data took care of the rest.

The award this year-receiving a well earned voucher to see Jocelyn for some myotherapy work, was Alex Dean.

Alex is a relatively new member at the gym but has barely missed a single day since joining. She was a clear and deserving winner of the most consistent award. Alex’s consistency has shone through in how far she has come in a short period of time. Her improvement as an athlete is testament to the benefits of hard work.

The Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award is awarded to the male and female athletes that show the most promise. This awards is not reserved for athletic talent only. Factors that went into consideration also included spirit, social engagement, and leadership qualities.

To be eligible for the Rising Star Award an athlete must be within their first 12-months of membership (as of October). The nominees were first presented and voted on by the coaches and staff then the winners were selected via pole from their member peers.

The winners of the Rising Star Awards for 2019 were Madie Thomson and Che Layley. These two thoroughly deserved the vote of their peers and beat out some tough competition along the way.

Madie has had an amazing journey with us at Fitness Grovedale. Being able to double under from day one and having a natural gift for movement mechanics has helped Madie progress fast as an athlete. But her dedication and consistency to training have been what really set her apart.

Madie had the second most class check in’s for the year and is well and truly on pace to break the record for fastest entry into the coveted 500 Club.

Che is one of the most loveable characters at the gym. His positive attitude and the excitement he brings to every class is infectious. Coupled with his leaps in athletic improvement understandably make him a crowd favourite and pleasure to coach.

Che quickly developed some very special bonds with members of the evening classes that speaks to his genuine character and fun personality.

The Most Improved Award

Much like the Rising Star Award the Most Improved award is voted by peers from a list of nominees drawn up by the coaching staff.

There is no qualifying traits to be eligible for the award but we are looking for the male and female member whom showed a clear athletic advancement in the past 12 months.

The 2019 Most Improved award was taken out by Sophie O’Kane and Ben Carameli.

Not much needs to be said about these two legends. We have all witnessed first hand the huge strides that each has made athletically this year and the voting represented exactly that.

Look no further than Sophie’s performance in the 2020 Open for proof. Crushing out pull-up’s and handstand push-up’s just adds to her exceptional barbell strength.

Sounding like a broken record, consistency of training has played a massive role in Soph’s development but a change in mindset may have contributed more. Shifting focus away from RX toward skill development and workout stimulus Soph was able to see an exponential improvement across the board.

This has paved the way for a much more rounded athlete and a regular leaderboard topper.

Ben too, saw remarkable improvements as an athlete this past year. Physically he is looking jacked, he’s barbell work has improved through the roof and he cleaned up the gym on the muscle up workout in the Open – completing the entire WOD within the time cap.

It’s an honour to be able to recognise the athletic abilities of one of our coaches and voting showed that we all agreed that Ben was a deserving winner of the award. At such a young age there is no telling what Ben could be capable of.

Member Of The Year Award

The MOTY award is structured a little different from the rest. This award was selected by myself and takes into account all the things that take place behind the scenes that may not necessarily be obvious to others.

The first annual MOTY awards went to Sharon Sanders and Simon Boyd.

Sharon exemplifies everything it means to be member. Early on in the year Sharon dedicated herself to getting healthy and fit. Taking on nutrition coaching and making a commitment to training paved the way for her to absolutely crush the 2019 Open and our in-house competition.

Towards the back end of the year Sharon started to suffer from a pretty horrific knee injury but rather than step away from exercise she doubled down, continued to train, worked around limitations and even began PT.

This is the mindset and attitude we all should aspire to. Dedication to health and overcoming obstacles make Sharon a deserving recipient of the MOTY award in 2019.

Likewise Simon showed all the same traits as Sharon. Consistently seeking improvement Simon signed up for every seminar, specialty course and program available… even some that never took place.

Simon also trained around injuries and set a shining example of what it looks like to pursue growth. From constant mobility work to nutrition coaching Simon always seeks improvement in any way possible making him one of the most coachable athletes I’ve met.

What’s more is Simon is always there to help build the community-often unrecognised. From staying at the gym well past 10pm erecting the kids area fence, to building equipment for the gym in his own time and pocket or stepping in anytime we look for a volunteer.

Simon has also been responsible from the addition of two cousins and a girlfriend signing up and thus sets the bar high for next years MOTY award.

The Walker-Cosgriff Medal

The Walker-Cosgriff Medal exemplifies the spirit of what it means to be a Fitness Grovedale member. The award is voted on purely by peers and therefore should be held in great esteem.

The medal goes to the member that most shows team spirit, camaraderie and passion, and encompasses the values that we as a gym stand by.

The awards get’s its name from the inaugural joint winners-James Walker and Mick Cosgriff. I could not have written a better script than to have these two finish on equal votes.

To be voted by your peers is the greatest honour of all and these two perfectly depict that. Both members are constantly supporting, encouraging and inspiring everyone around them and it’s truly heart warming to see them get the recognition they deserve yet never seek.

The 500 Club

2019 saw the introduction of committed clubs that recognise commitment to training. Mentioned multiple times in this article and proven to be the single most important element to success, consistency and commitment deserves celebrating.

For this reason skipping ropes were presented to all the members who surpassed 150 class check ins.

But on a whole different scale is the 500 Club. An exclusive club of 5 members who have checked in a whopping 500 times. To achieve this kind of greatness requires consistency over a minimum of 2-3 years and cements you as a true CFGD OG.

So to the first inductees to the CFGD 500 Club a huge congratulations. Mel Wright, Shayne Moor, James Walker, Mike Fraser, and Troy Dunn you guys absolutely rock. Congratulation and keep crushing it.

Thanks to everyone that attended, to those who couldn’t make it and to all those that helped out setting up. A special thank you also goes out to Galit for putting an amazing spread of food that was greatly appreciated by all.

I personally can’t wait to do it all again next year!

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