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Is CFGD For You?

Want to find out if CFGD is the right place for you?

In this blog article we break down who we at CFGD are committed to serving, what it takes to see fitness success and how to accurately predict such success.

Understanding who you are serving

In any business it is vital to identify exactly who your product or service will benefit. You must ask yourself “what problem are we solving?” and “who will benefit most from this?”

Once you have answered these questions you can start to build a picture of the most important element of your business – your customers.

Without this understanding of who you are trying to serve your business plan is sheer shotgun method. Blindly shooting in the dark and hoping for results. Put another way throwing proverbial $#!+ at the wall and seeing what sticks.

So who are we for?

In a perfect world I would say that CFGD is for everyone. But sadly we don’t live in a perfect world and unfortunately, whilst anyone can do it we are not for everyone. 

We realised long ago that attempting to help every person on the planet be the best version of themselves didn’t allow us to effectively help anyone. We found ourselves constantly spread too thin and overwhelmed in the sheer enormity of the task. 

And thus, we made the decision to cease trying to slightly help many and focus on hugely impacting a few. We alone can’t fix the world’s problems as they relate to health but we sure as heck can greatly change the life of the 150 people that come to us seeking our assistance. 

The hard truth

Unfortunately, what we do (high intensity workouts) can’t be forced.


Because it’s hard.

And hard is what it takes to see life-changing results. We can give you the workouts, show you the path, prepare you the food and be there for every step of the way. But all the extrinsic motivation in the world won’t get you where you want to be unless you truly want to see change and are willing to do what it takes to get there. 

And so, as stated above, we are for anyone but we are not for everyone. We have the systems, the knowledge, and the community to unleash your potential but you have to want it and be willing

A lot of people want to make change in their life and we love that. But many are not quite ready, not quite willing, not quite all in. Because like we said it’s not easy. But that’s precisely what makes it worth it.

The role of habits

Studies suggest it takes as little as two weeks, but commonly four, to establish a new habit. This is awesome. Simply sign up for a gym membership, drag yourself along for a month and afterwards, waking up to that dreaded 5:00am alarm clock will be cakewalk…right?


Unfortunately creating a habit is just the first step. Breaking a habit, in this case, is frighteningly easy. We need to do more. We need to change identity. It requires altering our own internal dialogue and making change from the inside out. And this, my friends, takes longer than a month.

So how long are we talking?

As humans, particularly in Western cultures, we crave time. We want to know exactly how long everything will take and we prefer it packaged neatly into seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.

The problem is some things cannot be measured accurately in time. We are often asked “how long until I can start to see change?” And although we can certainly make estimations the truth is everyone is different and sadly, time is only one part of the equation.  The most important factor is consistency.

Consider the following. Jack and Jill begin exercise routines on the same day. They both continue with their routines for 3 months however Jack attends the gym once a fortnight for 45-mins and Jill attends 5 sessions a week for an hour.

Both Jack and Jill have been sticking to a 90-day exercise regime but it’s safe to assume each will have vastly different results. Time therefore is not the key. Frequency is the key. And consistency in KING.

Luckily we have some data nerds within our organisation at Fitness Grovedale and as a result we can predict success with a high level of accuracy. As you may have guessed there is no magic amount of time that correlates with success, yet something interesting does jump out.

The data that matters

The interesting number that jumps out of our data and correlates highly with fitness success is sessions attended. A measure of frequency, commitment, and consistency. We’ve found that, regardless of time frame those members that can make it to 125 classes are about an 80% chance of maintaining an active lifestyle long-term.

This is a significant finding. Meaning that if you can stick with it, do the hard work, make the sacrifices and get along to 125 classes, whether that takes 125 days or 3 years, you are almost guaranteed to remain active for many years to come.

Something magical starts to happen around 100-125 classes and it’s far beyond habit formation. It’s identity change. You are no longer the person who hates exercise, the person who can’t wake up, the person who quits. No, now you are the healthy person, the one who wakes early, who trains hard, and whom inspires others.

So again, who are we for?

We are for the ones who want to see change, who are ready for change, and who are willing to make change. It is our job and our passion to do everything in our power to guide you, help you, encourage you, and motivate you but ultimately it is you who holds the key.

We won aren’t going to tell you it’s easy, but we will tell you it’s worth it;

Nor do we claim to be for everyone, but we are for anyone;

And we won’t attempt to fix the world, but we are committed to greatly impacting our members.

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